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Fractals EA

The “Fractals Martingale” EA   trades according to “Fractals” and “Iccimoku” indicators. If we lose a trade then the EA will take a new trade with a multiplied lot size.

Try it on demo first.

This EA trades only with the price of open candle!


  • USEMOVETOBREAKEVEN – Enable “no loss” break even system (values: 0-1).
  • WHENTOMOVETOBE – When to move break even (values: 10-100).
  • PIPSTOMOVESL – How much pips to move stop loss (values: 10-100).
  • Lots – Lots size (values: 0.01-10).
  • TrailingStop – Trailing Stop (values: 10-100).
  • Stop_Loss – Stop Loss (values: 10-100).
  • MagicNumber – Magic number (values: 1-100000).
  • TakeProfit – Take Profit (values: 10-100).
  •  period=Demarker indicator period (values: 5-30).
  • Multiply – Multiplier value every step of new trade (values: 2-4).
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