Forex Trading Strategy

Forex Trading Strategy

5 Types of Forex Trading Strategies That Work

Have you ever felt STUCK trying to figure which forex trading strategies you should use? For example: Should you be a day trader, swing trader, position trader, news trader, scalper, or a combination of different forex trading strategies? It can be f...[Read More]

Golden Cross Trading Strategy

Have you heard of the Golden Cross signal? If you listen to the media, you’ll hear about the Golden Cross (like how the market is bullish when it occurs). But is it true? Well, that’s what you’ll learn today. What is a Golden Cross and how does it wo...[Read More]

Trend Following Trading Strategy

Jesse Livermore, the most famous trader of all time, made $100 million in 1929. Richard Dennis, the founder of the turtle traders, made $400 million trading the futures market. Ed Seykota, possibly the best trader of our time, achieved a return of 25...[Read More]

High Probability Trading Strategy

Do you want to find high probability trading setups? I’m sure you do, right? (Or you won’t be reading this right now) But the thing is… …you’re not sure how. Instead of looking at price, you’re looking at indicators (without understand...[Read More]

The Price Action Forex Trading Strategy

Have you ever wondered… “How can I trade with a naked chart, without squiggly lines, without indicators, and without a mess?” Well if you ask me, there’s one way to go about it… Price action trading strategy. Now, this isn’t the Holy Grail. But, if y...[Read More]

Support and Resistance Trading Strategy

The more times Support is tested, the stronger it becomes. Support and Resistance are lines on your chart. You should place your stop loss at Support and Resistance. If you follow the “theories” above, it would cost you money in the long run. Because...[Read More]

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