Forex Trading Guide Lesson 7

Forex Trading Guide Lesson 7

Market Sentiment

The market has feelings too, you know. Get ready to learn all about market sentiment! Market Sentiment How’s Mr. Market Feeling? Every forex trader will always have an opinion about the market. “It’s a bear market, everything is going to hell!” “Thin...[Read More]

Trading the News

Extra! Extra! Reading up on the news reports may just reel you in a handful of pips! News Makes the Forex Market Move It’s not enough to only know technical analysis when you trade. It’s just as important to know what makes the forex market move. Jus...[Read More]

Carry Trade

Did you know that you can actually still make money in forex without doing anything? Yep! You just have to keep your fingers crossed that price stays the same for a long period of time. What is the Carry Trade? Did you know there is a trading strateg...[Read More]

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