Forex Trading Guide Lesson 2

Forex Trading Guide Lesson 2

Brokers 101

The first step in the real world of forex is opening an account with a broker. But be warned! Brokers love to hunt for noobs. History of Retail Forex Trading Now that you know a little about forex, you’re probably itching to start your pippin’ advent...[Read More]

Three Types of Analysis

What’s it gonna be? The red pill, the green pill, or the blue pill? 3 Types of Forex Market Analysis By now you’ve learned some history about the forex, how it works, what affects the prices, blah blah blah. This is all obviously super importan...[Read More]

3 Types of Forex Charts and How to Read Them

Let’s take a look at the three most popular types of forex charts: Line chart Bar chart Candlestick chart Now, we’ll explain each of the forex charts, and let you know what you should know about each of them. Line Charts A simple line chart draws a l...[Read More]

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